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Impact Hub – Islington

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Why you should join the Impact Hub Islington Community?

• Because you feel that society should work for all. And you want work with others who believe this, too. We’re home to a friendly and diverse group of social entrepreneurs, innovators, freelancers, developers, journalists, and investors who share this vision.
• Because Impact Hub isn’t like other co-working spaces.  We reinvest our profits in social good; we bank ethically; we reduce our landfill contribution by 60-80% through recycling and composting; we’re London Living Wage employers; we support fair-trade, carbon neutral and social impact suppliers.; we’re a global movement. In short, we care about the world and our impact on it.
• Because your wellbeing will improve. At least 93% of our members say so. And 84% of our members are happier from being part of Impact Hub – now that’s something!
• Because you’ll not only meet great people, you’ll work with them. More than 90 percent of Impact Hub members have collaborated with other members, or attended events. We run 3 to 4 weekly daytime networking socials, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get connected.
• Because you’ll gain business opportunities. Our bi-wekly updates keep you up to speed with activities across the network, and we run special business support events and programs.  

Packages starting from £60 per month

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